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Thursday, 17 March 2011



Urm,..hari tue mase kat KLIA..nak beli buku 
A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE BY Dr M..but..unfortunately..its SOLD OUT..so belilah buku yg laen..
becoz EGYPT AIR..ohh so boring okay..
Xder tv pown..so kena larh ader entertaiment laen kan..

I bought this book...
Daniella Steel’s new book – BIG GIRL

 hurm mule2 fikir gak motif aper dat gurl mkn gula..
rupe2nyer die suke mknn bergula ..means gemuk larh..
tpi kalo larh nk ckp matang...ptut gune SALT instead of SUGAR..kan kan..

Hurm actually aritue I just pick anything that catch my eye..mule2 ingatkan buku nie pasal..”BIG GIRL”..
not by their physical ( being fat )..but by their thought , their lifestyle bla bla bla..Maturity ,,

Unfortunately it was about a girl..who born into a family that SEEMS perfect  TO EVERYBODY..yeah..actually its kind of perfect ..
except  FOR VICTORIA DAWSON ( heroin..hee~)..becoz..she was/is BIG GIRL..fair , big nose like her GREAT GRANDMOTHER..meanwhile her parents like slim , gorgeous  hurm perfect larh physically..

her father named her after QUEEN VICTORIA..tentulah pasal die macam muke queen victoria..
actually die nie cantik jer....juz parents die terlampau ..PERFECT..n adik die pown macam parents die..so die ader self-esteem yg sgt2 low..tapi die sayang adik die..

 n make it worse...that..she is DIFFERENT from her family ..not just by her looks  but also how she thinks..
actually citer nie..kind of..repetitive..just revolved .the issue bout her looks..her weight..and her dad “joke”..her dream ...then..her looks again...her weight again...her dad “joke” again.. n her dream ,, n again..

blh boring  sekejap..tpi kite nk taw larh ending dia mcm mane..so die membuat kite teruskan membace..btw ending die macam agak tergantung..coz tibe2 daaa haaabessss..

just macam last2 tue..baru ader thrilled sikt..not masalah  actually ,,juz pasal adik die punyer wedding ..die xkahwin lagi..tpi last2 die ader pakwe yg punyer masalah macam die..his parents lebih suke abang die..tapi die handsome larh..

kadang2 geram jugak dgn victoria nie..die macam terlampau sayang kat adik die..risau lebih2 pasal adik die..than herself.....HEY BE SELFISH GIRL!!think bout urself first..

aku suke...HARLAN..walaupown die gay..but i still  like him....very much..hehehe..i love to have friend like HARLAN..not the gay type of friend..but a friend who really supportive , protective ,n. die macam fun..ader sense of humour....okay..u have to read this book if u want know more about harlan ;)

btw aku rase nk g NEW YORK lepas bace buku nie..hehe

okay larh ..then..take care ..’

                        "Trying to be someone you're not is a waste of the person you are.

p/s:aritue nasib baek sempat beli buku DR M gak..
.tapi perlu bace buku yg akan masuk exam pada bulan april larh dulu..
yeah..itu...pilihan yg bijak..my future.. ')
saye daa big girl kn skrg..pandai buat pilihan dahh..