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Friday, 25 May 2012

Eating in Cairo Egypt

hye there..

Today i'm going to talk about my " JALAN-JALAN CARI MAKAN SEGMENT " when i went to Cairo last 3 weeks..

my Aunt from Malaysia came to Egypt..

after our brief vacation  to Cairo..

my views  of  Cairo changed .. i hate it less now..

 i don't mind going there again ..

okay enough of unnecessary chit-chat ..

lets begin now..

The Crumbs

    xsempat nak snap pic..
    lagipn  orang yang belanje..


    the unique tea bag/holder

    Fermented vegetable and fruit 
    ( in the bottle )

    20 LE FALAFIL..
    so expensive..
    n the taste..
     urgghh not matched with the pricey price..

    ( usually  bought this for 1 LE  and i got like 8 of it )

    the colourful Aesh Baladi / Pita bread 

    (Egyptian bread )

    kat cni kitaorg makan..
    Alexandria Foul 
    rase die macam kat GAD ..

    i love their packaging 


    This cafe has an incredible design
    i just want to capture with my camera 

    yummy ~~
    the price not too expensive..
    okay larh..

    i want my cafe..
    just like this..
    small, cozy and sweet~`


    The beautiful sushi box
    to be photographed ~

    My aunt ckp..
    with this kind of price..
    we can get more ..
    but best r sushi nie...


    the kiss
    the end 
    p/s: btw my family
    bukak kopitiam kt dungun..
    so  korang boleh2 r singgah2 kat sane yer..
    n saye xthu aper name Kopitiam kitaorg ag..
    n dekat mane..
    sbb my sis xckp pape..
    n my dad /mom sibuk..
    dorang just cakap   dorang dah bukak kedai baru..hhee

    Tuesday, 15 May 2012

    Chocolate Cake Wafer Submission!


    I made chocolate cake recipe for my friend birthday and the recipe was found here 

    Surrounded with wafer -> took the idea from here 

    i used M&M instead of strawberry because that day i can’t find the strawberry but it turn out great and my friends loved it ~

    This is seriously the best chocolate cake ever.
     super dubber moist cake and easy to make .
    new look ~~
    me with the glasses 

    Sunday, 13 May 2012

    Eating in Egypt : Kafe Kalik Cairo

    Hello there..

    Long time no see;b

    Btw last week i went to Cairo , cos my aunt came here.. we had soooo much fun . In cairo we stayed at Zamalek area  .. One of the things I love most about Zamalek  is the vast amount of restaurants that exist in this area, and the possibility to try out almost any cuisine you can imagine.  

     I am a big foodie and  in alex I usually try out at least one new restaurant per month.
    Actually this is my first time to give a review about restaurant in cairo .

    Kafe Kalik   .. A Taste of The Bahamas

    Kafe Kalik,
    3 Bahgat Ali st , Zamalek 
    ( 010 95192580)

    I have never had anything close to Bahamian food before , so we were unsure of what to order , but with the help of the waiter we managed to decide on something. J

    The service there was very friendly.

    There is a good variety of food  not only Bahamian food but there is also some Japanese Sushi.

    For the starter, I had Kettle Fried Coconut Shrimp

    “ coconut battered shrimp ,
     deep fried to golden brown 
     served with tangy range marmalade dipping sauce”
    42 LE

    My shirmp looked good and came as golden brown, as claimed in the description , with a bitter sweet orange sauce.

    The shrimp still contains the fresh flavour  , not overcooked  and there was a good crunchiness to the batter

    I found the flavour  of the saucet   to differ from  anything i’ve tasted so i would recommend it. 

    For the main course , I ordered .. Plank Roasted Tamarind Salmon

    “ Tamarind glazed salmon oven roasted served 
     Peas and Rice  
    Vegetable Medley”

    The fish was so fresh and it taste very nice  like “ikan bakar” maybe because it was wrapped with banana leaf  ( daun pisang) . 
    The sauce was like ikan bakar sauce .
     i keep going on and on “ sedap ,sedap” (delicious ).
     This dishes was also accompanied with spice fries  .

    Uncle Ali ordered Grilled Fillet - Mignon

    “  charbroiled fillet served
    your choice of ( tamarind soy syrup –mushroom sauce – pepper sauce ) fire roasted pepper , 
    grilled onin and fries”
    81 le

    I love it . it really lives up to it s name ‘ Charbroiled steak ‘  - to broil on a rack over hot charcoal
    From outside it looked like overcooked but actually it were nicely cooked , it is still reddish raw on the inside .  i love this kind of steak which still preserve its taste and not too dry .

    Last but not least Grilled Shrimp Fettuccine

    “ fettuccine noodles tossed in lemon butter sauce 
     topped with parmesan cheese . 
    served  with grilled  shrimps “
    47 le

    What did i like about this restaurant ??

    Honestly speaking , at first i just think that there is nothing special about this restaurant  but when  i came in  i saw how the shisha place is being separated from the common area  , so u don’t have to be annoyed by the smokes .
    If u are not smoking .

    shisha area~

    Secondly because of their atmosphere  and lighting  is so relaxing .

    3rd , free wifi ;b

    captain jack sparrow loves it~;b

    Decent prices , 
    great food with nice ambience 
    in a good location .

    I think u shoul give it a try . :)