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Sunday, 21 August 2011

School Girl Satchels

daa r xder mood nak makan..huhu
mase tengah exam aritue..
mcam2 nak buat..
tpi skrg xthu nak buat aper...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Yes , i am Skinny

nie di antara soalan2 n ayat2 yg kerap acap kali aku dengar..sampai daa boleh hafal..dengan tone nyer sekali..

perlu ker korang tanye n ckp cmtu..betul ker korang mase tnye tue betul2 concern..or nak ejek..

r u jealous? i think so..saper yang tak nak kurus kan..

just risaukan urself jer r.. badan daa mcm gnritejgndbklh

panas ooo..dngr org ckp cmtu.. my parents pn xckp cmtu..

kurus ker gemuk ker...asalkan sihat jer r..

like seriously ..

btw lagi satu ayat luper nk ltk kt atas tdi..

"ader cacing ker dlm perut tue "

btw semua orang ader cacing dlm perut ..

betul xsuke sgt..

"I'd much rather be known as some curvy Kate than 
as some skinny stick. "
Kate Winslet 

so stop it okay..
don's say any unnecessary things ..
don't say it
don't ever say things of that kind to me again..

 “saye sedar..saye tahu..tpi nak buat cmne..bukan saye diet pn..i'm trying okay..n i will keep trying..
just to gain weight
just to look normal..
not as a stick anymore..
p/s The term “skinny” is offensive. It’s as simple as that. I can assure you that hardly anyone is happy to be labelled in such a manner. Just like bigger girls may dislike being described as fat, . .
 I wrote this because I felt hurt every time I heard someone jokingly telling me to “eat more”, every time somebody looked at me with pity and said I was “weedy”.
 I know there are a lot of people that struggle to lose weight, others that want to gain it. Some are lucky and have bodies they adore completely, others have physiques they wish they could improve. I also know there are girls that would kill to have my dress size. I hope this post doesn’t make me come across as a moaning cow. I just wanted to say “stop”. Enough with the offensive labels. We all have feelings. It can hurt. Yes, we are all different and that is… simply great.~fashionlimbo~

Friday, 12 August 2011

I Dream a World Without:-







I HOPE SOMEDAY YOU WILL JOIN US -imagine , john leenon-

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Superman by Super Junior Eng translation


Bam Bam Bam Bam

(Eunhyuk Rap) 
when i am coolly dancing in the group 
that’s one of a kind in the world 
and uniquely moving the world

(Donghae Rap) 
all the elfs in the world fall fall fall for me
run run run to me
let’s rejoice in this moment together

 i (emotionally) touch those people
 that have genuinely, quietly loved me

 there haven’t been moments 
where i’ve said useless things or not been truthful

 our scale is the best and
our scale (english) is the best
everything has to be the best
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’
our passion is the best and our concentration is the best
who would be able to say we’ve finished
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’

(bam bam bam bam)

now, now, now,
 who is it?

(Shindong Rap)
 so why do all of you look back when i am right here
who the hell are you looking for
i am shindong

should i pluck the stars for you, count them
one, two, three
with the stars we’ve lost
we are thirteen stars

 but we are not lonely, 
we have sm family and ELFS

 don’t be disappointed, 
don’t judge/betray us
you have already become drunk by the super holic

try singing the song,
 and now even follow the dance
let’s get excited together

when your heart is sad, when you want to listen to a song,
when you need something to lift your spirits up,
we are next to you, let’s all come together

super junior
we are super junior
we are super super man

when you’re very bored and surfing the internet,
 if you just type in ‘super’ our results will come come out

we are always by your side
scream it out
super junior
we are super super man

even if they don’t know of us,
 we try our best every day,

if they question who who who we are, 
we show them our results

even if the road we walk is barren,
we are in the end, super junior

Translated by: stanningotps

saye suke lagu nie..aiishsh..
tue SUPER JUNIOR nyer fanclub..
so dorang nyanyi utk dorang nyer peminat larh kan..
sweet jer kan..;)

kalo korang nak dgr larh kan..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Park Min Young Outfit , City Hunter kdrama

hye semalam saye ader buat entri pasal CITY HUNTER kan..

hari nie saye post pasal KIM NANA CITY HUNTER OUTFIT...

saye suke style die dalam cerite nie..lawa comel semua ader..

saye suke baju nie..
saye daa ader..hehe..
beli kat HnM ..
tpi colour laen r..

suke bag tue..n saye xder ag;(

long cardi ..yellow..

nie warna hijau plak..

smart jer kan jacket tue;)

blazer <3<3
lawa nyer...

saye suke beg nie larh

aah..beg nie larh...
lawa nyer..
berkenan sgt..

suke beg nie larh...
warna hijau plak..

love it

nie pown lawa

beg nie pown saye suke..
tpi nie beg..
GOO HARA yg pakai..

 beg nie xder pown dlm cerite tue..hehe

kalo korang nak tahu brand 
or nak cari kt mane  handbag2 diatas tue..

 tekan link ini  CORDINUNA
situ die  ckp mcm2 r..
saye amek pic dari drg jer..
sbb tue dpt buat entri nie..
kalo nk tunggu saye yg buat pic2 kt atas tue..
mmg mengambil mase yg lame..
lagipown saye kan tgh exam..
so  paham2 larh kan...hehe

p/s:harapan saya...
saya nak beg serupa tue..
yeah brand laen r..
sbb beg yg kim nana pakai tue ..mahal ..