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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Five Ways To Win Your Heart ?

hye !!!
happy wednesday?? 

r u happy ?  or   so -so ?.. *not so happy , not so sad/unhappy feelings

i'm so -so ..heee

how to win my heart ?? actually i dont understand the question ? or i did understand it but i can't answer it or i don't know how to answer it..i just ...BLANK...

so i will write about the things that i like instead of how to win my heart..

becoz i think ..it 's  just the same...

i love chocolate ..

  n food..
to be specific delicious food..
half -cooked ..
seafood ..
i prefer  fish  than chicken

 i <3 it
less than 3
less than 3 
less than 3

to win my heart ..
u have to talk to me first ..


i like someone 
who is :-

funny like my dad..
fun like my dad..
generous like my dad..
have sense of fashion like my dad..
romantic like my dad ( so sweet )
hardworking like my dad ...
cool like my dad...
responsible like my dad..
lie to me like my dad always do ( O_o'')

i wish YOU stronger than my dad..

( abah selalu suruh ella bukak penutup botol air mineral..
abah ckp penutup tue kuat sgt..;b )

Sunday, 26 June 2011


hye...btw yesterday 26/JUNE/2011 ...my BIRTHDAY...22th ..;)

okay so back to topic , today we will discuss about COLOUR BLOCKING trend.. ..i like how they combined those colour perfectly..

  1. Why do you need to be careful while following the color block trend?
    Since they often involve the use of bright
    colours or many different colours together, it is easy to go wrong with it. The best way to pair colour block trends whether it’s for shoes, a tunic or a top is with other basic colours such as black, white, brown and gray. This way your colour block will pop out more and look more polished.

2•Why should you do the trend?

If you have been lapping up fashion news regularly, you will know how horribly ‘in’ it is. And if you still need another convincing reason to wear the trend. Here’s it – Use it to hide flaws of your body. I have your full attention now, don’t I? Women after all.  

So what I was saying is, use it to hide flaws, as we all know dark colours have a slimming effect, so colour-block the winter paunch or those baby fatty arms with dark shades and keep the rest of your outfit light coloured. It really works.

 3•Basically this is how it will work for your body – 
A darker column of color down the torso will have a slimming effect and can easily be created by wearing a colored cardigan, jacket or blouse worn open.
Generally a color blocked outfit will work best if you stick to the usual rules for your body shape. If you are pear shaped, opt for darker colors on the bottom half. 
If you are apple shaped avoid horizontal blocks of color around the stomach area but highlight legs with color blocks created by brightly colored tights. 
If you are hourglass, a color block around the waist is a great way of highlighting it and drawing attention to you womanly figure.

 In my opinion it is really fun trend to sport this summer :
  1.  it gives us the opportunity to pair colors which we won’t dare to combine together otherwise.   ( yeah like green with yellow or blue )
  2. what are summers without cheerful bright colors??

Its time to paint the town in all colors possible !!!

 btw u can't just wear it .. there are  PRECAUTIONS  ( yeah i'm medical student )  that u need to follow :
  1. Don’t be shy to experiment. Any color combination is fantastic if you can pull it off properly. Blue, green and orange sounds mad but will look oh-so-pretty.
  2. Do not combine more than three to four colors. It’s not that it doesn’t look nice, but it looks very ‘ramp’ish. Moreover more colors will keep cutting your body shape here and there making it a not so beautiful sight.
  3. Choose what you want to color block and keep the rest of your look simple. For example, if you opt for a colorblocked bag, go easy on the clothes and shoes. You don’t want to look like a Rubik cube, do you??
  4. Never ever ever combine two color blocked items. This is the worst thing to do to this trend. No actually you can, its just that you will end up looking like the latest catalogue of Asian paints.

So, go on and have fun blocking colors.
Stay stylish.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Little Black Dress ( 2011) Korean Movie

okay semalam tengok cerite nie..Actually daa lame nak tengok tpi xder mase ..so akhirnyer dapat tengok jugak cerite nie..

Little Black Dress” depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20′s, but inside they all have worries. ( this movie start with their graduation ceremony )

« My Black Mini Dress » is a bright and frank story of four 24-year-old young women. Yu-Mi is nicknamed « Dwoenjang Girl » because of her fondness for expensive items. Hye-Ji is a girl who born to be an entertainer. Soo-Jin is a girl who is always honest to people. Min-Hee is an unreasonable girl, but very cute … »- s: asianmediawiki

 their transformation!!

then their friendship rings
but after ONE YEAR ..they still in their graduation celebration mood..they do nothing ...

n here we gooo....

 "women don't like to be called princess
they like to be treated as princess " 

cast :
Yoon Eun Hye-sshi(1st shop of coffee prince, Goong , LIE TO ME ..) who doesn’t need to prove to anyone anymore that she is a good actress.

Yoo-Min (Yoon Eun-Hye) still doesn’t know what she wants to do. Somehow she gets a job as an assistant to a top writer. Yoo-Min wasn’t even sure if she would take the job as an assistant, but after seeing an expensive black mini dress at luxury department store she buys the dress with the writer’s credit card and in the process accepts the job. Yoo-Min’s job turns out to be more of a babysitter for the writer’s twin sons. By chance, Yoo-Min runs into high-school acquaintance Young-Mi who also works as a writer’s assistant.

" if a part time is about dating
regular job is marriage "

cast :
Cha Ye-Ryeon that all the K-drama fans know as the absolute second woman lead(Star Lover-Dr.Champ, The birth of a Rich Man-…)

Soo-Jin (Cha Ye-Ryeon) holds the most jealousy over Hye-Ji’s sudden fame, because she has tried unsuccessfully to become an actress. Soo-Jin has failed many different auditions. Compounding her problems, her father’s business has gone bankrupt.

 "Crazy Women "
dong-ho (u-kiss)

Yoo In Na who got the Perfect Timing ! Surfing on her Post-Secret Garden(SBS) HUGEEE popularity.

 Min-Hee (Yoo In-Na) has rich parents, but her parents got divorced. Min-Hee now wants to study abroad, but her poor English skills holds her back.

 they can't believe that ..

"she got everything without have to work much "

 "how annoying "

cast :
Park Han Byul (also know as Se7en-girl) who got already some background actress experience.

Hye-Ji (Park Han-Byul) is busy playing around and living the life of a socialite. One day, she is scouted by a talent agency. She then becomes the face for a high profile ad campaign and shoots to stardom. Her other 3 friends become jealous of her.


plot ker?? climax ? urm xper r...xkisah r..lepas dorang dapat tahu hye-jin yg tibe2 jadi famous n BERKERJA ..dorang xhappy ..dorang x say congratz  pown kt die..yer r..die xbuat paper tibe2 jadi pelakon kan..dorang rase kawan dorang tue smooth jer perjalanan hidup die..padahal x pown..( actually kalo aku , aku pown  jeles ;b )

so mase nie r...dorang  nyer kesedaran smpai ..lambat ckit r...
 so how they will overcome their problems ?
aderkah dorang akan berbaik semula?
tgk r sendiri;b

btw dorang rapat sebab ..
mase mule2 masuk kolej..
dorang pakai black dress yg sama..'b


P/S: saya bagi 3.5 bintang jer..
sbb ..xtahu..tpi 
bnyak yg kite blh amek 
pengajaran dari cerite nie..;)

macam mendengar tapi tak dengar ...

Monday, 20 June 2011

My Orange Skirt

assalamualaikum...hye saye update lagi..heee~

so topic hari nie..SKIRT..

..actually dulu saye xberape suke pakai skirt..

lebih suke seluar..skrg pown prefer seluar ag..hee

mase mule nak pakai skirt...

macam2 saye pikir mase nak pakai tue..macam xlawa r, nmpak kurus r, seme2 negative r...

then..start pakai tahun lepas..mase tue clinical round my groupmates suruh pakai skirt...

so saye jadikan mereka sebagai alasan untuk saye pakai skirt larh..heee~

sekarang nie..saye suke pakai skirt..tpi skirt saya sgt teramat limited ;(

kitaorg try r g upah jahit..OMG..mmg xpuas hati..


BELAJAR MENJAHIT JUGAK (org balik malaysia buat attachment,ko nk g belajar menjahit plak?? adess)

 okay x design nie?

saye suke warna peach tue..
actually saye mmg mase  kaler design nie..
saye gune base kuning with orange..

p/s: nmpk janggal giler
aku tulis entri kan..
daa lame xtulis..hee

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Harem Pants


hye semua..lame xupdate kan..hee~ actually selalu jer bukak blog..jengah2 blog korang..kadang2 ader jgak comment..kadang2 bace jer..

okay entri kali nie ader larh harem pants..actually daaa lame kan org pakai..just saye xberani nak pakai..n actually xdapat cari seluar tue yg berharga murah..n xthu cmne nak pakai ( of course saye thu sarung jer..just nak pakai style cmne?dgn baju aper?kasut cmne?)

okay2..disebabkan saye pown xthu nak pakai cmne..so there is no tips n tricks pasal harem pants nie okay..


ader yg suke , ader yg xsuke

korang plak cmne?

saye suke biler org pakai lawa..
xsuke biler org pakai xlawa
so saye xpernah pakai sbb takot xlawa..

nie antara sub-unit 
eceeehh sub-unit..hee..
mcm2 kan ader..
macam aladin pown ader...

actually mmg di ambil ilham dari aladin nie..

saye suke jacket/blazer tue')

semuanyer pakai dgn high heels kan... 

even my sis pown pakai dgn clog
(gmbr bawah yer..clog pown high heels jgk kan??)

nie my sis..
die suke seluar cmni...
lagi pelik style tue..lagi2r die suke

She cried because she had no shoes; 
till she saw a man with no feet. 
Life is full of BLESSINGS. 
Sometimes we're just too blind to see them

Thursday, 2 June 2011

OH YOON JOO Outfit , Lie To Me

just quick update..sbb nak kena sambung study balik..lusa ader exam OSCE..urhhh...

okay ..sekarang saye suke tgk cerite LIE TO ME , actually bnyk lagi..tpi arinie saye nak cerite pasal cerite nie..cerite nie best..sweeet ..n best larh ..hihih..

btw saye suke tgk OH YOON JOO ( name dlm cerite tue) 2nd heroin ..die nyer pakaian lawa2..suke tgk..

nie ader larh watak die dlm cerite tue...

suke tgk skirt die ..
lawa jer..
btw skrg nie kan..tgh suke pakai skirt..

long dress

tgk r cerite nie..

p/s: rupe2 nyer saye ader byk skirt..
baru jumpe..hihi;b

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Miss Navigator..:b


hye semua..arinie daa abes exam utk department ORTHOPAEDIC..osce n mid term exam..so alhamdulillah..daa habess..t final kite jupe lagi erk..

so lepas nie..saye exam OSCE FOR OBSTECTRIC  & GYNAECOLOGY ,,tpi arinie petang nie nak relax2 jap..so saye update blog larh..

so entri arinie..pasal peta..peta?? yup peta...peta nak g restaurant2 yg pernah saye pergi tue r..yer r..ckp2 g sana g sini..tpi xtlis plak kt mane tmpt tue..

so kalo korang2 terlepas ..or nak bace lagi pasal rest2 tue..korang blh click kt link yg disediakan..

okay area SAN STEFANO actually byk tmpat makan..tpi ader yg saye xsempat tulis ag..so nnti2 larh saye update lagi yer...

utk yg lepas2..saye pernah update pasal CHINESE RESTAURANT  ,
( korang blh klik pada link2 diatas yer )

chinese restaurant..
if korang nak makan
blh dtg cni..best...
nie IKAM STIM..yummy..

Veal Piccata

so if korang nak pergi mane2 restaurant kt atas tue blh rujuk peta kat atas tue yer..
btw chinese restaurant tue..belakang san jer..korang blh keluar ikot pintu belakang metro...keluar2..pandang ke arah pantai..so nampak r restaurant tue ;)

okay cni plak kawasan CAREFOUR..

so korang kalo nak pergi ..BBQ RESTAURANT , SPECTRA REST( xjupe link..tahun lepas g smbut birthday dayah ) ,  BALBAR RESTAURANT 
( Korang blh klik link2 diatas yer )

 bbq restaurant

balbar restaurant ..
kt cni best..mcm2 adaaa...
n murah larh...

Okay daaahh ..

( half chicken marinated )
t kalo saye tulis2 mane2 tmpat saye pergi..saye akan lukis peta..so harap2 faham larh yer ;)

p/s : korang perasan x..
seme2  rest tue..
dkt2 ngn shopping mall