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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Five Ways To Win Your Heart ?

hye !!!
happy wednesday?? 

r u happy ?  or   so -so ?.. *not so happy , not so sad/unhappy feelings

i'm so -so ..heee

how to win my heart ?? actually i dont understand the question ? or i did understand it but i can't answer it or i don't know how to answer it..i just ...BLANK...

so i will write about the things that i like instead of how to win my heart..

becoz i think ..it 's  just the same...

i love chocolate ..

  n food..
to be specific delicious food..
half -cooked ..
seafood ..
i prefer  fish  than chicken

 i <3 it
less than 3
less than 3 
less than 3

to win my heart ..
u have to talk to me first ..


i like someone 
who is :-

funny like my dad..
fun like my dad..
generous like my dad..
have sense of fashion like my dad..
romantic like my dad ( so sweet )
hardworking like my dad ...
cool like my dad...
responsible like my dad..
lie to me like my dad always do ( O_o'')

i wish YOU stronger than my dad..

( abah selalu suruh ella bukak penutup botol air mineral..
abah ckp penutup tue kuat sgt..;b )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hehe.. tgelak lak ble bce like my dad tu.. hehe..