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Friday, 5 June 2009

besday GIFt for gurl ..

Entri nie khas ak tujukan 4 somebody..
he knows tat i post this entri
only 4 him..
n 4 guys out there too..
u all must read this ..
nnti xder r pening2 kepale..

  1. mesti ikhlas..
  2. ikot kemampuan..
  3. bgi aper yg korang ske..
perempuan ( or ak ) ske bnda2 yg sweeet.. even benda tue bkan teddy or coklat..
( guys u luv to think this item right ..
if u want to gift a present)
tpi mcm..beli frame..n ltak gmbr korang.. tue pown daa ckup..
( tpi klo korg mcm kwn jer ..
xmo bgi org laen slh fhm..
mybe this is not a gud idea)

2nd walau cmne pown ..ayu ker..kasar ker..medium type ker...perempuan ske klo bgi dorg cm accessories..
cm bracelet..anting2..gorgeous keychain (*nie accessories ker )..
rantai ker..coz dekat ngn hati klo bgi rntai..hehe

3rd..ader jgk ske klo bgi binatang peliharaan..mcm kucing ker..
( tpi ak xske bela2 nie..tpi ak penyayang)

erm..klo perempuan tue..slalu ckp nk something ker..korang tlong beli r..
maybe perempuan tue bgi hint ..hihi

..klo ader duet lebih..beli r parfume..handbag..

erm..actually..byk hadiah yg bly bgi..
yg penting ur thought..
erm..ag satu senang jer..
nk senarai2 cmni kan..
tpi yg nk memilihnyer susah..
so..pandai2 korang r...

n 4 gurl out there..korang nk hadiah per erk??!


iddy said...

saye nak!

banyak kat lam wishlist,
tapi from a friend (guy),,
i would expect, something small,,
something memorable,,

a card with drawings,,
can be very sweet,,
small teddies,,

with messages of course is ideal..

chocolates should be given with cards sbb choc makan tros abes, at least she can keep the card..

homebaked cakes means a lot..

i don't really fancies accesories,,i can give double meanings,,u know what i mean..

but if u are like BESTfriends (guy), maybe something bigger would suit her better,,
like bags,,shoes,,perfumes,, and so on..

but a friend would know her friends better, u know her likes, and dislikes, i can only say genarrally..

something u think of urself is more of value than something thought by us outsiders..

think wise!

hope u'll come out with something great..
Good luck!

eLLa said...

wow..pnjg gle..
but thanz..
nnti i buatkn cake utk u erk..

Hazrey said...

Kat mana nak beli mesin cetak duit?

Kalau ada kenal taukeh cina jual mesin ni, tolong share ehh contact dia. :)

eLLa said...

ktorg demand sgt eh..hehe
nnti klo ktorg taw..
ktorg ckp..

anaklaut said...

betul..apa saja yang diberi perlu ikut kemampuan, dan yang paling penting keikhlasan..tapi kalau mampu.untuk yg tersayang tu biar lah lebih..ya tak.?

yat said...

sy nak kete merce sebijik~

yat said...

saye nk kete merce sbijik,,bleyy??

nhanunmr said...

for me,the thoughts come 1st...very precious!!coz without thoughts all those memorable things would never exist..haha

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

hp iphone 1 yer...

Anonymous said...



kucing sekor


.::: norhasmahsalleh:::. said...



i wish,,ape yerp??~~ngee.
coz i'm believe that if he'll giv the best he has,rite?
becos the present 'll shows his love..
and anything ..
.. heart=)
[tp dia kena jujur la,,]

what a romance'''