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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

mY aCtIoN deFiNE mE..nOt My CLOThEs!!..

U can label people as jocks , goths @ fashionista without even talking to them..
Labeling people like tat might tell u where they shop in the mall..
but what does it tell u about who they really are?!
some people will go along with any clothing trend to try n fit in to a group ..
All tat tell me is they 're more worried about how others see them ..
than by how they see themselves..
personally , my clothing do not define who i am..
THE WAY l live does..

~seventeen ~
..do i really think like this..


iddy said...

icdll la,,
jgn brpoya-poya..haha!

j0jet said...

hye dear..nice entry..
ermm..darkness in me everywhere..penat la..
sori tiba2 komen mcm nih..

eLLa said...

to iddy..
ala cm xbeyse plak..hihi
to jojet..
xper..komen jer pape pown..