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Sunday, 28 March 2010

ITS suMMer!!

 hey hey..oppss..assalamualaikum...;)
okey guys..n...gurls..out there..

its SUMMER time..againnn..( but its still cold ..still need my baby a.ka heater)
so ..the 1st thing tat we all need..is..SUNblock..
opppss..SUNscreen larh..
sun screen or sun block?
Does it really matter?
Is there a difference or is it just a gimmick—a way for the consumer to spend more money?

eh eh..bukan same jer ker..
eh eh..apsl tibe2 ku berbahase melayu nie..
tdi kan..berbahase english...okey2 serious ..



  • the role of sun block is to block out all UV rays that could reach the skin.
  • usually thicker and less like a lotion in comparison to sun screen.
  • For lack of a better descriptive word, sun block is typically more goopy—and hard to spread evenly over the skin.
  • Sunblocks do not protect against UVA rays.
  • Sunblock is best used on those with very sensitive skin,
  • testi:saye pernah mengunakan sunblock..kalo kat mesia..gune utk berenang jer r..tpi coz perasaan takot terlampau2 terhadap sunburn bile datang cni..so saye beli r sunblock ( mase ini baru dtg EGYPT)..jEName LUNA.. mse nie harge 40.00le..n..SPF 62 agi..then pakai r..tpi saye cmpur dgn cream NIVEA..rsenyer NIVEA..saye blend dua-dua sblun ltak kt muke..muke saye xburn pown..nice ..tpi agak berminyak2..melekit2..hummmpphh..testur kulitku adalah jenis berminyak..n..mudah mengelupas..;(


  • A screen is something that filters---letting some items in, but keeping some items out like the window screen that lets the light in but keeps the nasty bugs out.
  • The amount of UV rays that can reach your skin is determined by the SPF.
  • The lower the SPF rating, the more UV rays reach your skin
  • It helps protect against UVA rays as well as UVB.
  • ideal for protecting the skin against sunburns.
  • testi:saye pakai nie mse 2nd year..apsl xpakai LUNA??..xthu r..sje suke bertukar2..n mse nie still pakai cream NIVEA..tpi sunscreen jename BORG..SPR 90 ..wahhh..SPF 90..tats pling giler..harge nyer mahal larh jugak..then xbezz langsung..melekit2 giler2..membuat kulitku kusam..:(..then..stop pakai..then..xingt r pakai aper..maybe LUNA lagii..
  • SPF 60 actually max ..kalo lebih SPF 60 ..its mcm xder kesan sangt r..
  • jgn kurang pade SPF 15 ...jgn lebih SPF 60..


if you really want complete protection from both UVA (the ones that cause wrinkles and the deadliest form of skin cancer!) and UVB rays,

, L'Oreal (La Roche-Posay) holds the U S patent. So, don't look at other brands and try and find mexoryl. You will be wasting your time!

Be warned though, it will definitely cost you a bit more than your normal sunscreen!

testi:saye baru mengunaknnye..n 
amat menyukai nyer..
coz..its mcm menyerap..ke dalm kulit dgn cepat..
dan kulit jadi lebih putih..n kurang berminyak ..dari dulu larhh,,
actually beli coz kulit daa burn giler coz kawad hari2..
so bile daa burn baru nak beli ..TT
tpi kesannyer cepat.n kesan burn xder r ketare sgt..;)

P/S:beli dgn harge 69.90 LE...
utk 30 ml


Solehah said...

hehe..promote barang rupanya..

mCsh0rtY~ said...

ada udang di sebalik batu rupanya...

iddy said...

i love it too