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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

not a shreek or fiona....i'm syakilla mohamad

wearing a mud mask ..right know..
clay mask hydrating sea..
want to pamper myself..my skin ..of course..
actually daa lame nk pakai..tpi xder mase..too busy..
n arinie xde lathn kawad...no shopping..hang out ngn frenz pown xde..
so dapat r memulihkan sedikit testur kulitku yg truk nie..
burn dgn truk skali..
daa r i cover my skin wit make -up..foundation larh..so think of my skin need to breathe n normally..\
n heere i am..wit a mask..green coloured..nasib baek krus..kalo x..end up dgn look like shreek..
or shoult i said..fiona..

semalam..had fun wit my bestie ever..MISS D..;)
g shopping..
semalam beli pencil eyeliner..BLUE..

sebelum pakai mask..kena bace die nyer rules dulu.
saye daa bace..so korang r plak..
selamat membace!!!

General rules
The usual rules of skin care apply while using masks and scrubs to derive optimal results.
  • Remove make-up regularly and completely everyday.
  • Exfoliation should follow the use of a light cleanser and can even be done with homemade alternatives such as a mix of lemon and sugar.
  • Moisturizing your skin is essential after using an exfoliant.
  • Facial masks should also be applied after using a cleanser and are best used while in a relaxing bath.
  • Scrubs should not be used by individuals prone to Acne or experiencing an active outbreak of Acne to the possible extent as they can aggravate the problem and introduce infection if they are non-medicated.
  • Running an ice cube over your face before application of a facial mask can help reduce wrinkles.
  • If preparing a homemade facial mask or reconstituting a mask made from preformulated powder, it is best to use mineral water or rose water to liquefy the mixture.


BelleSley said...

sya, g blog meme. amek award :)

iddy said...

haha,,i had fun too..
n think we r gonna do it again in few days..
haha...tau x pe

Solehah said...

hehe..ingatkan shreek apa td..dah lama jugak tak pakai..tu muka bnyk jerawat kot..

enyheartsdiamond said...

lama tak manjakan diri macam tu :)

nur 'adli azhari said...

nice blog!

Anonymous said...

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