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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dear acne ...

 Dear acne , 

do u really really really like me huh??!   why do you keep appearing ??

i used all my efforts to keep u away from me..but u keep appearing in front of me ...

n sumtimes u bring ur friendS along..

*sigh* u alone is enough..but when u bring u frenz,..ahhh....

honestly ... i want to tell u that ...

actually  i dont really like u ..i hate u ..i hate u fromm the deeeeppeesst of my heart ..

You have no purpose besides increasing my adolescent awkwardness level significantly..


pleaz pleaz pleaz ..i'm begging u ..pleaz go away ..dont come near me again..

sincerely :

If things are good enjoy it, 
because it won't last forever.
And if things are going bad, 
don't worry, it can't last forever.


KizZ said...

hee jerawat 2 lah pemanis muka awak..
xpe..menunjukkan hormon aktif dan badan sihat.
banyakkan minum air masak k..

eLLa said...

hohoho..i dont need that kind of pemanis..
btw thanz...yup minum air byk2

sue. said...


F i K a said...

I like the way you wrap your hijab..cute :)

lini hasnan said...

la, kenapa tak suke gg skg? kenapa kenapa kenapaaaa? psiko dah ni,haha

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really delighted to discove this. great job!