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Sunday, 24 April 2011

What Is Acne ?

A normal follicle looks like this:
normal follicle
For reasons no one completely understands, follicles, often called pores, sometimes get blocked. Sebum (oil) which normally drains to the surface gets blocked and bacteria begins to grow. Both whiteheads and blackheads start out as a microcomedone. The picture below is a microcomedone:
micro comedo

okay citer pasal acne lagi kan..hehe..tgh obses pasal acne nie..

actually acne nie ader 2 types..
  1. non-inflammatory ( whitehead & blackhead )
  2. inflammatory        (papule & pustule )


whitehead When the trapped sebum and bacteria stay below the skin surface, a whitehead is formed. Whiteheads may show up as tiny white spots, or they may be so small that they are invisible to the naked eye.


blackhead A blackhead occurs when the pore opens to the surface, and the sebum, which contains the skin pigment melanin, oxidizes and turns a brown/black color. It is not dirt and can not be washed away. Blackheads can last for a long time because the contents very slowly drain to the surface.

okay sampai sini jer saye copy & paste ..xleyh copy org laen nyer usaha ..sian die..hehe.. ..so kalo korang nak tahu lebih lanjut..about another 2..juz click here -> acne.org

site nie best sgt..die ajar mcam2..even cmne nak basuh muke..my frenz hidayah yg ckp sal site nie..

p/s: xsanke blackhead n whitehead tue acne kan

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hans said...

nasib wajah den sangat jarang dilanda acne problem nih