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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

City Hunter , korean drama


‘City Hunter’ is an original script based on the world-famous novel by Japan’s Tsukasa Hojo. Since it became public that Korea would be the first remake of this story into a drama, ‘City Hunter’ has been receiving worldwide attention. ‘City Hunter’ has switched the setting from Tokyo 1980 to Seoul 2011, and according to the original story structure, the protagonist becomes a city hunter and his character develops while resolving gratifying cases.

sayings and quote

“Don’t love anybody. If your identity is uncovered, you and those around you will be stained blood-red.”

Yoon-sung: Why did you let me go?
Young-ju: Why do you think I did? As Kim Jong-shik’s son Kim Young-ju, I should have thrown you in jail immediately. But when I thought about it, the things that the law couldn’t get done, the City Hunter could. I didn’t have the right to catch you. Because you won the law.
Yoon-sung: Just like Kim Young-ju. Naïve and humorless. Kim Young-ju, the next time this happens, don’t be messy, and do what you need to do as a prosecutor.
Young-ju: And you? Why are you keeping me alive?
The same reason as you.

Yoon-sung: “You just looked at me with sexy eyes, didn’t you?”

 She darts up, totally caught red-handed. Rawr!
He crosses his arms, all judgy,
“If I think about it, you never lose an opportunity. Do you like me that much?”
She laughs at the ego of it all, but bounces back in her Nana Bear way: “Yes, I do. This is why the person who confesses first always loses. Why don’t you tell me that you like me? Tell me now.”

LEE MIN HO outfit

saye suke PARK MIN YOUNG nyer outfit..
tpi disbb kan saye tgh exam..so xleyh nak update psl heroin nyer outfit..
nnti2 kalo rajin lepas exam nie..
saye tulis pasal die nyer outdit erk

cute Lee Min Ho ;b

cerite nie BEST sangat2..hehe..cerite nie bukan jenis yg loveydovey 24 hours..dorang cute jer..banyak action kot, banyak plot..best ...

star : 4.8 from 5.0

1 point ditolak sbb my fav hero mati ;( 
( btw hero xsemestinyer lee min ho okay)

1point ditolak sbb ending die xbest
..director xmo buat satu ep special..
or city hunter 2..huhu..;b

p/s:cerite nie memg best.
bukn sbb lee min ho jer yg berlakon..


rara pinkmafia said...

boifie rara ni =) curik piccy sini.

eLLa said...

boifie ker nie...oooo tunang dgn org laen..hehe

eLLa said...

amek jer r..ella pown kt web gk nie