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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Barcelona part 1

hye ..

okay disbbkn saye tgh xthu nak buat aper..
saye nk cerite larh psl trip saye ke spain baru2 ini...

1st kitaorg pergi ke Barcelona..

actually patut smpai dlm pkul 2ptg .. tpi flight delayed sbb hujan kabus tebal..so smpai larh dlm pkul 4 ptg..
so our schedule pn agak berserabut larh.. huhu..

mase smpai kt airport barcelona nie..korang boleh terus trun bawah amik bus ..free jer..utk pergi ker metro stesen ..utk ke bandar utama die..

mase kt metro nie..korang boleh terus beli tiket .. mcm saye kitarg beli T10 utk kongsi 4 orng..

T10 ticket (valid for 10 trips for all means of transport) is a multi-person ticket (it can be shared) with time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes, which means the time you can transfer on the same ticket once validated without extra charge. So once you have activated your pass on entering a metro station you have 1 hour and 15 minutes in which you can transfer to another transport method.
In this way you will not be charged for a second journey – it counts as a part of the first. It comes to be especially useful when you need to combine several means of transport (bus and metro for example) to reach your destination point. This transfer rule works for all passes except of a single ticket. Cost 7,95 euros.

Kat cni kitaorg tidur dekat

hostal Lazza nie dekat dgn SAGRADA FAMILIA.. 
hostel nie mmg best..bilik luas ..bilik air lagi2 luas.. best r..
just jaoh dari stesen metro .. 
3block bngunan.. 
baru smpai..

so dekt Barcelona kitaorg pergi ke ..


Sagrada Familia..

actually nie church..
yg 60 tahun buat..
xsiap2 ag..
xmasuk pown sbb xmo menyumbang buat church..

nie dkat tepi Sagrada Familia
actually tmpt nie betul2..
kt tepi Metro stesen..
so mmg senang larh..

Arch de Triomf

nie pn dkt tepi dekt stesen metro..
n dekat stesen bus Barcelona Nord..

kitaorg pergi Barcelona Nord letak beg2 besar kitaorg tue dlu..
kat Barcelona Nord nie..
ader locker2 yg berbagai size..
so blh simpn beg kt ctu..
senang n mudah..

Barcelona Beach , Port Cable Car (Transbordader Geri del port )

Transbordader Geri del port 

nie mmg kitaorg jln jaoh giler
pdahal ader stesen metro yg lagi2 dekat..
dkt internet ckp blh jln dlm 10 minit jer..
tpi actually kitorg jln 30 minit kot..
mmg aiishh..
dah r lepas tue TUTUP --
mmg nak menangis rase..
yer r..sbb cable car nie blh nmpk seluruh barcelona..mmg tinggi..
kitaorg dtg barcelona..
1st sekali nk dtg cni r..:(
xpe r xde rezeki..

kat Spain
byk basikal2 cmni..
so korang blh r nak jln2 pakai basikal nie..
tpi kitaorg xnaik pn basikal nie..
gaye jer lebih ;b

nanti part 2 akan menyusul..
n macm biase larh

perkataan "nanti" xbermakne..
1jam lepas nie or 1 hari lepas nie..
ianye bermaksub..
saye akan buat part 2 nie..

btw barcelona ader 2 part jer..
lagipn my camera setting slh..
so gmbr sgt2 xlawa sbb buat utk EMAIL ATTACHMENT ..
so Barcelona nyer pic mmg kebanykn nyer bkn dari camera saye..

p/s: actually leps saye ubah setting tue pn..saye ader buat silap jugk..
so sbb tue dimension pic pelik sikit huhu..
xperasan langsung..lps masuk lappy baru perasan..
tpi still okay dari setting utk email attachment tue..


Anonymous said...

Omg bestnya bestnya. mood nak melancong sangat sekarang ni. :)

chenurulhusna said...

part 2 blisssssssssss