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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shut Up Flower Boy Band


btw baru habis tgk cerite nie.. suke citer nie..best..

my fav Byung Hee
byung hee... 
you made me pour out all my tears.

Eye Candy is a six member underground rock band led by Byung Hee. When the group transfers into the prestigious Jungsang High School, they find their rival, Strawberry Fields
This is a story about the two rock bands and how they deal with friendship, relationships, 
and their passion for music.

 “The terminator of chicness. 
They say he’s a multiplayer that’s loaded with skills on the guitar, 
singing, and dancing.
 But he’s a total ice prince… 
They say there was a kid who froze to death trying to talk to him…”

He's such a perfect example of a rock band leader. 
He has delusions of grandeur, 
but he's charismatic enough that people want to follow him. 
They may refer to him as "our wacko leader,"
 but the guys really do look to Byunghee 
as an indicator of whether everything's going to be all right.
 And since he's so buoyant, 
they always have some reassurance that things will go their way.
 Even if they won't.

  handsome L..
btw my 2nd fav dlm citer nie

cute sgt dorang nie..

boleh kire berape patah perkataan 
this guy ckp..
tpi still die handsome ..

sweet sgt byung hee..
walaupn die xhandsome,pakai celak,kurus plak tue..
tpi still suke die..

Lee min ki
aka byung hee 
yg tibe2 xde celak..
n dh handsome..hee

walaupn this guy..
berlakon 2episode first jer..
tpi smpai habis cerite nie
still xdpt terime die "dimatikan"
actually kalo sape2 yg bace plot dlu..
mmg dh tahu r die nie cameo jer..
aku xbace..so aku xthu..n aku tak expect r die mati,,
sedih sgt mase tue..

best lagu nie..
byung hee yg buat~

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