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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ladiess ........

hye ..semalam tgk citer THE TOURIST ..Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie..best citer tue..sweet jer..xder r action sgt..tpi wow...die nyer ending mmg best r..n saye rase mcm saye kene tipu jer..ending die mmg xsangke r..saye suker..;)

okay nie ader quote dari movie tue..saye suke part nie.. 

Elise: Invite me to dinner, Frank? 

Frank Taylor: What? 

Elise: [gives him a look

Frank Taylor: Would you like to have dinner? 

Elise: Women don't like questions. 

Frank Taylor: Join me for dinner. 

Elise: Too demanding. 

Frank Taylor: Join me for dinner? 

Elise: Another question. 

Frank Taylor: [thinks for a moment] I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me. 

Elise: [smiles at him

so ..i am thinking right now..how would i want a guy ask me out ??


  1. Directly --> eg "Hey, so I think you are really charming/fun/beautiful, and I was wondering if we could go out this weekend. Are you interested? "

     2 . Email , IM , FB ..on all social networking that we have..i mean technology..

     3 .  Well get her alone or write a really cute note/letter  

     4 . ask in person

    5 . just ask her but Don't make it seem like a big deal when you ask..

   6. ask for her friends to help you 

okay2 sudah2 r tue..

kalo saye..saye xsuke kalo die mintak tolong ngn my friends or mintak my phone dgn org laen..please mintak depan2 larh..
n don't make it seem like a big deal when you ask ..sbb nnti awkward lah kan xbest2..
n jgn r direct sgt..surface2 jer..
saye suke notes , letters ..those kind of lame outdated  things < -- nie mcm  date arh plak..
ohh.. xthu r..mcm mane erk...

so ladies ... what way do you wish a guy would ask you out ??!! hee~

p/s: okay syakilla study..
alamak result daa nak keluar..;(

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