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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

We are Looking for New Talents


hye ..
okay  ladies   we are looking for new talents !!!

new talents ??

for what ??

it's a photoshoot for a clothing..
 ( urm i think it is for clothes .. )

okay2..its not for magazine..
but saje jer nak ltk pic nie..
sbb she's  hot!!
lawa kan..

just give it a try..
who knows this gonna change ur life ..

for more details ..
just click at the banner above ..

Life is like Adidas and Nike. 
"Nothing Is Impossible, so Just Do It."

p/s : saya hanye promoter..
saye xmasuk pown ..sbb saye kat mesir..
kalo kat malaysia..of course i will join it..;) 


rara pinkmafia said...

hye org mesir...mesir panas x???hehehe....nk join2 contest ni takut lah.maluuu.

eLLa said...

hye org malaysia..heeh..mesir panas r jugak skrg...ala join jer..nie bukn contest pown actually...just send ur details..t drg pilih2 mane r sesuai