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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Medic Stories : help doctor i'm going to deliver the baby !!


hye..okay arinie balik awal..yeay yeay yeay...n kelas sgt best arinie ...double yeay yeay..;)

Medic stories..sepanjang saye belajar medic nie..prof/doctors  mesti akan ader cerite2 ataupown analogy yg best utk  menjadikan our pembelajaran lebih2 menarik n tidak bosan..its quite fun..at least for me..urmmm..n

saye skrg berade die unit OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY ..

saye daa tgk org lahir normal , Caesarean section  , twins and unfortunately pernah jugak tgk intrauterine fetal death (dah r  nie case 1st kitaorg tgk kat O&G  department )  ..sedeyh sgt mase tgk baby yg meninggal tue

nie just cerite rekaan/ fiction semase prof mengajar kitaorg pasal management of normal labour ...

A tired doctor , who just going to  sleep  and..

..ring ring ring ..the phone ringing

Patient : doctor , i think i’m going to deliver the baby...

Doctor : okay , come to the hospital right now . i will come ...

In the labour room 

Doctor : its just 2 cm < sigh >

 Notes :

Utk melahirkan baby , bukaan cervix dalam 10 cm baru baby keluar..
So baru 2 cm , and phase nie dah r early  , lambat2 jer bukaan tue nak bukak ..tpi lepas  4 cm bukaan tue akan menjadi lebih cepat utk membuka..paham ke x??hihi..okay2 forget bout it..jus kene taw..2 cm baru so its gonna take at least 6-8  hours before delivery ..

So the doctor think that he have to attend the lecture tomorrow morning..n he  is really tired ..so he needs to sleep early

Then..... the doctor gave something to increase the contraction of uterus ( utk baby keluar lebih cpt )   although the uterus have a very good contractile properties . <-- it is forbidden to do that,  i will put  it in my mind n my heart .

So..the uterus will contract MORE than usual  ... the patient will feel a very severe pain because of the contraction  and the fetus
 inside maybe distressed?( in which the baby could be in danger ) etc ..(byk lagi complication tpi saye tulis nie jer erk) ..

and  the doctor wil be in the difficult situation.....

So moral of the story ..

For us ..as a physician ..we should not give that drug (  uterus contraction enhancer inducer?? betul ker x term nie.. ) to pregnant women who have good contractile  properties of uterus . and put in mind TO DO NO HARM . : )

p/s : nie bukan medic nyer site okay
so term2 dlm nie utk lay man mudah phm..


rara pinkmafia said...

ella.rara paham sket2 je.tak paham sgt.translate la...

eLLa said...
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eLLa said...

translate?? urm..mcm maner erk...huhu..xper yg penting awak phm larh jugak kan..hehe

Solehah said...

lay man masih tak paham..huhuu..

HonEyBuNNy said...

takootnya nak bersalin..hehe...

eLLa said...

solehah -> xphm ker..huhuhuh

honeybunny -> takot..tpi still nak baby kan..

Anonymous said...

the name of the drug is oxytocin..tak penah la plak dgr uterine contraction enhancer??..gud luck then!

eLLa said...

aah oxytocin ...xnk tulis name drug coz kalo tulis name drug readers lagi2 r xphm kan ..so just tulis fx of the drug jer r..tpi ssh nak cari ayat yg sesuai ..

eLLa said...

uterine contraction inducer??

eesyaheera said...

Oxytocin! lain kali tulis drug sekali. boleh ee hafal jugak. haha